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Life direction through life skills

Moral Compass is an outdoor education initiative, designed to teach hunting, survival and life skills.
It is also a mentoring programme, developing essential character traits to survive and thrive through life’s challenges.

Peter Reynolds (Razor), founder of Moral Compass says, “I learnt as a British Army Paratrooper that we all have a moral compass, in spite of where we’ve come from or the decisions we’ve made. I would like to pass on my knowledge and experience to help resource young people to succeed, no matter how difficult their current circumstances are”.

The documents on this page are a testament to the journey that Razor has been on and the experience he has gained. They also illustrate his character and the responsibility he takes while leading people. Moral Compass benefits from all of this experience and as mentioned above, allows young people to be resourced through being out in the wilderness under the guidance of Razor.

NZDF Commander's Commendation
UK Military Testimonial

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