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About Moral Compass

Life direction through life skills

Moral Compass is an outdoor education initiative, designed to teach hunting and survival skills to young people.
It is also a mentoring programme, developing essential character traits to survive and thrive through life’s challenges.

Identifying the need

New Zealand has many vulnerable young people; most of these adolescents are unequipped to face the challenges thrown their way. They find themselves making decisions based on limited information, taking advice from peers with often little or no support from trusted adults.

Peter Reynolds (Razor), founder of Moral Compass says, “I learnt as a British Army Paratrooper that we all have a moral compass, in spite of where we’ve come from or the decisions we’ve made. I would like to pass on my knowledge and experience to help resource young people to succeed, no matter how difficult their current circumstances are.”

Why Moral Compass

Through Razor’s younger years, growing up in the troubled areas of south-east London, he was in and out of trouble. He saw friends lose their battles with drugs and society, wrecking their lives by a mixture of being easily led (while trying to have fun) but really only going backwards. Razor soon realised it was easier to do wrong rather than right! But behind all the wrongdoing and the mischief, the thing that stopped him from spiralling out of control was a moral compass. Whether it was the influence of his Mum and Dad or an old SAS Pastor with whom he’d catch up with from time to time, or good friends he met over the years, his moral compass played a big part, even when he knew he was doing wrong!

Along with teaching practical skills, Moral Compass is designed to give hope to struggling youth and show them there is more to life than fast food, alcohol and drugs. By giving young people a structured outdoor experience with highly-trained adults, the aim is to help them develop their moral compass so they can begin positively building towards their future.

The lighter side

Life has its ups and downs. We believe it is important not to pretend we are or have to be perfect in any way. That’s why we wanted and are happy to have a bloopers section for Moral Compass. Sometimes we just need to have a laugh and move then move on.

With that said, we hope you enjoy the blooper moments with have put together here. Have a good laugh and please check back often, as we are sure that you know from your own journey that these life bloopers can happen at any moment and can also happen often…

Join us for a cuppa and a laugh… Moral Compass Bloopers

Confidence, enthusiasm and discipline. If you fall, fall forward.

Owning and admitting to mistakes. Being honest, to yourself and others.

Mental and moral strength, coming out of the comfort zone.

People, multiple input, multiple ideas, this breeds better results.

Accepting people for who they are, respect builds trust and safety.

Someone you can rely on all the time.

Selfless, thinking of other people before yourself.

These are more than just words written on paper they are a foundation to build a healthy future.


Moral Compass is taking a stand and


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The support we receive from organisations that have chosen to align with us is crucial in helping us achieve the goals we have set at Moral Compass. We are excited and are looking forward to continued relationships as well as developing new relationships.

Thank you... we appreciate you!

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